Advantix Green for Small Dogs and Puppies (up to 4kg) 6pk


Manufacturer: Bayer

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Advantix Small Dogs and Puppies up to 4kg Green 6pk

Advantix kills ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, sandflies and lice. In addition, ticks, mosquitoes or sandflies that come into contact with Advantix on your dog are quickly repelled so they don't try to attach or bite. And ticks that are repelled soon die even after dropping off your dog.

The paralysis tick is the single most dangerous parasite for dogs on the eastern coast of Australia. Just one tick is capable of causing paralysis and death. Used every two weeks, Advantix repels and kills this serious pest. Ticks that don't attach can't cause paralysis. Used monthly, Advantix will also repel and kill Brown Dog ticks and Bush ticks.

Just like Advantage, The Fast Flea Control, Advantix stops fleas feeding within 3-5 minutes and has been shown to kill both adult and larval fleas within 20 minutes of contact. Within 12 hours of the first application of Advantix, 98-100% of the fleas on your dog will be dead. In addition, Advantix reduces the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis.

Just like mosquitoes and sandflies worry you, your dog can be affected too. Advantix repels and kills mosquitoes and sand flies and has the added bonus of controlling lice in dogs.

Advantix is easy to use. Once applied to your dog's skin it spreads rapidly over the outside of your dog. Advantix remains on the skin and is not absorbed into the bloodstream.



Product Code: ADVCV5PO35

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